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Kinshuk has written four novels and he has released his latest work in the form of a novella. He has recently published Bariatu Tales, a tale full of anecdotes and vignettes. He has published his series of The Kanke Killings. It is a compendium of 4 novels in the Police Procedurals genre. One of them, Ritualistic Murder, is a Thriller, whilst the other 3 novels are Mysteries. Ritualistic Murder and Two Indian Girls have been bestsellers on the charts.

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Darling, You're Obsessed

Step into a world of danger, passion, and obsession with 'Darling, You're Obsessed,' the latest page-turner crime suspense thriller novel from bestselling Author Kinshuk™.

Join Inspector Kamal as he races against time to solve a high-profile case involving Riya, the daughter of a junior minister, while navigating his own dangerous attraction to her. But when Kamal becomes the target of a twisted stalker who leaves coded toys in his apartment, he realizes the stakes are much higher than he ever imagined. As the game of cat-and-mouse intensifies, Kamal must confront his deepest fears and vulnerabilities to stay one step ahead of the stalker.

Meanwhile, Isha, Riya's best friend, must navigate her own complex feelings for Kamal and Riya as tensions mount and the danger escalates. Together, the trio must unravel the mystery of the stalker's identity before it's too late. Will Kamal catch the stalker and find a way to balance his duty with his passion? Will Isha find her own path to happiness amidst the chaos? And will the trio survive the dangerous game they have unwillingly got drawn into?

Find out in this gripping and suspenseful novel from the master of romantic suspense, Author Kinshuk™.

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The Husband of the Siren

The Queen Bee of Bollywood Movies, Reena Lamba went missing in the dead of the night!

An erstwhile reigning queen of Bollywood, Riya, has had received a mysterious phone call, with a clue. It spoke only about Riya's own last movie - 'The Husband of the Siren.'

Riya had quit the industry. She had opened her detective agency to help women in distress.

Whilst the Police was looking into the case, Riya and Dipika - Riya's niece, were simultaneously investigating it. Wasn't Riya the best bet to decipher the case? Would Riya be able to chase clues, piece by piece and unearth the mystery? Read this short story for more!

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From Thrillers to Murder Mysteries to Stories that will make you reminisce your childhood, there is something for everyone. Click below to read the types of stories you have been waiting for the longest time.

"Wisdom is oftentimes nearer when we stoop than when we soar."

William Wordsworth


Darling, You're Obsessed

Step into a world of danger, passion, and obsession with 'Darling, You're Obsessed,' the latest page-turner crime suspense thriller novel from bestselling Author Kinshuk™.

Ritualistic Murder - Book 0

A riveting, gripping, mind-numbing, edge-of-the-seat thriller like no other. Get into explosive action from page 1.

From the bestselling author of Two Indian Girls. A prequel to The Kanke Killings Trilogy.

Two Indian Girls - Book 1

A National Bestseller.

Two girls. One crime. A battle for truth … and survival. Khushbu and Amrita are best friends forever. Khushbu is a simple girl, while Amrita is an upwardly mobile corporate marketing whiz-kid from Mumbai.

Fatal Belief - Book 2

Multiple murders. Multiple suspects. A serial killer is on the loose. Can Vishal apprehend the killer in book #2 of The Kanke Killings Trilogy?

Read it if you like Tana French, Gillian Flynn, and Stieg Larsson. Read it if you like twisted, genius serial killers.

Daybreak - Book 3

A Genius Serial Killer is on the loose. Can Police Inspector Rajiv use his deductive skills to beat the genius killer in his game? Can Inspector Rajiv live up to his name as the best in his business?

Pick up this incredible mystery novel for an edge of the seat experience!

The Kanke Killings - Box Set

It is a boxset of 4 novels: Ritualistic Murder, Two Indian Girls, Fatal Belief and Daybreak. A box-set of 4 police detective novels set in India. This volume is a compendium of a gripping and fast-paced novel Ritualistic Murder, and three mysteries, Two Indian Girls, Fatal Belief and Daybreak.

Bariatu Tales - An Anecdote

Will Rajnish, a 5-year-old dreamy-eyed kid, survive a multi-pronged attack by a fearsome hyena, a lurking ghost, a beautiful witch, and an unlawful theft?
Can Rajnish deal with the story of his father facing a cobra guarding a viper’s stone, a naagmani? Find out!!

Reviews & Testimonials

A compilation of anecdotes and vignettes from growing up in the 1970s, Kumar Kinshuk weaves together a nostalgic trip that must be savoured piece by piece. A harkening to a gentler time when television and the internet had not yet become the mainstay to fend off boredom, 70s children would definitely identify and enjoy these charming reminiscences, universal as they are to that day and age.

Author Kiran Manral

Bariatu Tales

Author Kinshuk has a different yet unique way of narrating his story. The story does remind you of your own childhood. A must read to reminisce your past, and get entertained

Author Nupur Luthra

Bariatu Tales

It is a very interesting book that will take you back in time, back to 1970s and thereabouts, and the characters, their lives and how life was in its simple form in the past. I found it especially interesting because most books are contemporary, in the present times in the society as we see it today. Kinshuk has done something very interesting with his book and he has strived to recreate the world of the bygone era, which I think is a remarkable feat, so do buy his book, read it and I am sure you will enjoy it as I did.

Author Kanchana Banerjee

Bariatu Tales

I saw that one of the top Amazon reviewers, Grady Harp had good things to say about this series of novels. His remark was for the Prequel, Ritualistic Murder. I went ahead and got the entire series. I had nothing to lose, as it was free for a day on Amazon. I must say I am thrilled at my luck. I love crime fiction with chills and thrills and twisty mysteries. This volume has all of it and more. It has romance at times, suspense at times, and cultural drama at times, with travelogues thrown in small measure, to great effect. Absolutely essential to read it for a thriller fan!


Kanke Killings Box Set

An interesting story which describes the rich culture of the arranged marriage and the western ideas of many Indian women who refuse to abide by this venerable tradition. Also of importance is the way police speak to Persons of Interest. The flowery, apologetic, and gentle manners used. A culture shock indeed. All this wrapped around the questionable suicide of a happy, young bride. Suicide or Murder?

Christmas Angel

Two Indian Girls

This book is a fitting finale to the 4 books based box-set. In his previous work, Fatal Belief, the author had left us wanting more as he had ended it on a cliffhanger. In this book, he has shown the painstaking effort of the police department and of Inspector Rajiv in particular, to figure out the serial killer. This book shows Rajiv's deduction genius and the help he takes to narrow down on his list of culprits. This is a must-read if you have read Fatal Belief and Two Indian Girls by the author. Recommended!

Samir Saurav