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Fatal Belief

Multiple murders. Multiple suspects. A serial killer is on the loose. Can Vishal apprehend the killer in book #2 of The Kanke Killings Trilogy?

Kanke has had multiple murders and mayhem. The police are in a tizzy. There is a genius serial killer on the loose, threatening the hell out of the lives of every person at Ranchi. The police have a handful and they are at a dead end.

Kanke has a psychiatric hospital. The hospital has a brilliant psychoanalyst who helps the police with the case. His Nurse, Eva Black, is a British citizen who travels from London to India and begins her work routine in Kanke.

Would Eva find a mentor in Kanke? Can she find love and belonging in a new country? Can Eva help the police and the psychoanalyst with their investigations into the serial killing case? Can Amrita save Alka from her depression?

Peek into the lives of the ordinary citizens of Ranchi and find out the unraveling mysteries of The Kanke Killings Trilogy - Book 2. Find it out for yourself because here is a surprising, secretive murder mystery, waiting for you to decipher by allowing your creative detective juices to flow with impunity, now.

Served hot, easy, peasy! Hell, no!

Book 1 in this Series, Two Indian Girls has over a 100 positive reviews on Goodreads. Book 2 is bigger and better! Read it today...

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Multiple murders. Multiple suspects. A serial killer is on the loose. Can Vishal apprehend the killer in book #2 of The Kanke Killings Trilogy?

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